March 15, 2007

Struggling with email at yahoo and gmail

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Even if you have your email client(s) or browser bookmarks for webmail all set up and working perfectly, the big guys seem to love messing up our complacency by upgrading.

Yesterday’s aggravation was my inability to get gmail to send email from my primary address via SMTP mail. The error message I got from tkcMail was:

Error while waiting for confirmation we can send the message data.
Server said: 550 5.7.0 Mail Sending denied

I could send SMTP email from another gmail address, but not this one. I was a little worried that an index file might have gotten corrupted, but that was not the case. Several hours later, I was able to send the email without any problems at all. [ EDIT: If this happened to you and you belong to mailing lists, be sure to read this blog entry about possible mailing list problems caused by this error.]

And, while I’m on the subject of email server upgrades, yahoo has been giving me problems as well for several weeks, when I attempt to access yahoo mail using lynx. I used to log in and get a very nicely pda-tailored display at, but for the last several weeks that address has been giving me a Download screen!

I finally decided to google the issue, and found the following url which worked just fine:

I also searched my old notes and found the following url, which also seems to work fine now as well:

What’s much more serious, though, is what happens when web-based email servers upgrade so that they remain compatible with Microsoft’s changes to IE. Sometimes those changes wreak havoc with my ability to use webmail, sometimes not. But this time around, I’m finding myself unable to successfully upload attachments anywhere.

For a long, long time, I could use Opera 7.30 to upload files to gmail, yahoomail, and my ISP’s webmail, but that isn’t working any more at any of them.

Uploading files used to work, even though I couldn’t type in the filename in the selection box, without the box moving totally out of view the moment I entered even a single character. But I could paste in the filename in the little box, including the path. The display would then get wierd, moving me to the top of the composing page with the uploading box out of sight. But I could then scroll back down, and see that the file had, indeed, uploaded itself to the server.

Now that trick no longer works. :o( I have tested it at yahoo, gmail, fastmail, and none of them respond to my pasteing the filepath/filename into the box. They might even “say” my message has been sent, but there is no trace anywhere of an attachment having been uploaded.

[EDIT: I am now, as of May 2008, able to upload attachments at gmail, by pasting in the full path to a file, but sometimes I must do it from the “Add More Attachments” screen.]
I recall seeing something about Javascript versions, and it may also be that the newest, spiffiest javascript the servers are using is not backwards compatible with whatever versions of Javascript I have in my browsers.

If this backwards progress keeps up, I may consider installing a different browser, if there is one that will still let me upload attachments to webmail with my Collie.

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