March 28, 2007

Sending denied

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It look like at least 10 people found my blog yesterday, and at least 3 people so far today, when they entered “5.7.0 mail sending denied” or various versions of that, into a search.

So, if that’s how you got here, know that you are not alone. When it happened to me about 11 days ago (see this post), it was a gmail thing, and cleared up of it’s own accord in several hours.

It does look like it created some problems for me with bouncing mail. So if you have yahoogroup memberships, based on my own experience, you may have to “clear” your address at yahoogroups. I believe you will only know if this has happened if you try to post and your post gets automatically rejected immediately, or if you sign in to yahoogroups. For me, it required clicking on links in the rejection notice and following instructions to fix things.

If you do not try to post, and the group seems quiet, you may want to visit your yahoo group’s home page to see if you’ve missed any posts.

If you have a yahooid, you can check your status at

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