May 31, 2007

CF Card Overview

Posted in CF Card Issues, Linux/Zaurus Tips and Tricks at 11:55 pm by sdjf

The posts you will find here from August 2006 document what I went through in attempting to use a new CF card that turned out to be physically corrupt.

They serve as unfortunate examples of the kind of output one can get when attempting to check the physical integrity of a bad CF expansion card.

However, they are my progress notes and screen captures, and definitely are not a polished “how to do it.”

If you are looking for a user-friendly discussion of how to check the integrity of CF or SD cards, though, do check back here. I am in the process now of writing a page about how to check card and file system integrity, specifically for the Zaurus.

Meanwhile, try using the “badblocks” and “fsck” commands. You can find short but decent explanations of them in and in

You can also check out the examples I have posted as part of the IPK Installation Guide I am compiling. Scroll down to Section 9, the “CHECK INTEGRITY OF MEDIA” section at

ADDENDUM: As I mentioned above, I was writing a longer page focussing specifically on card integrity. And here is it’s URL:

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