June 3, 2007

More gmail woes

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I’ve been getting “Connection closed by remote server” messages at gmail the past day or two. It’s happened to me in the past, trying to log in using pop mail, and I’ve been able to log in later without changing any settings in my email client.

But it also happened today in Opera, and I decided to google the message. Hey, guys, if you get this message, I don’t think it’s your browser, your email client, or your cellphone. It’s gotta be either gmail itself, or a problem with the interface between your ISP and google, IMNSHO.

So, if it happens to you, grab a soda or a cup of coffee, and come back in a while. If it keeps happening, then blast your ISP and google with trouble reports about unreliability of the connectivity or login process. If we don’t complain, they won’t do anything.

And don’t let anyone feed you a bunch of baloney about your using a “non-standard” browser, email client, or cellphone interface. They need to stop catering to Microsoft-users only and realize the rest of us are not going to change our devices just because they’re too lazy to be universally compatible.

Stand up and be heard!

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