June 21, 2008

Battery Failure: Charging Light Issues

Posted in Hardware Adventures, Linux/Zaurus Tips and Tricks, Zaurus Trials and Tribulations at 4:08 am by sdjf

My EA-BL06 had been in almost constant use since August 2005, since I always leave my Collie plugged into it’s AC adapter. And, there were signs it might be losing the ability to charge. For over a year, the charging light would occasionally turn on for no apparent reason and that was happening a lot the last couple of months.

So, when I could not turn my Zaurus on one morning, I was not very surprised.
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June 12, 2008

The Myth About BCC Email

Posted in Online Tips, Tricks and Tools, Webmail Issues at 7:47 pm by sdjf

Once upon a time, people could respect others privacy when sending email to a number of recipients, by putting the addresses in a “BCC” field, which meant “blind courtesy copy,” or “blind carbon copy.” That was supposed to mean that the server or email client would remove the addresses of the “BCC” recipients before sending the email on to everyone in the “TO:”, “CC:”, and “BCC:” fields.

However, despite common belief, when we send email to someone as a “BCC” email, their address may be sent to all recipients, and is not necessarily privatized.
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