December 14, 2012

Not Claimed by Any Active Driver

Posted in Hardware Adventures, Zaurus Trials and Tribulations at 12:05 am by sdjf

Well, the bad news is that while my Startech USB to Ethernet Adapter 2016S has arrived, Ethernet is still not showing up in the Networking GUI when I plug the adapter in to my Tosa’s USB hub.

And, if I examine dmesg output, I see that it is “not claimed by any active driver.” No matter what I do, I am having trouble getting it to bind to a driver.

It also is heating up very, very quickly, making me wonder if it is a defective unit. The box it came in was not properly sealed and there was not anything in the box to keep the adapter from getting jostled around and damaged during shipping.

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December 2, 2012


Posted in Hardware Adventures at 7:24 am by sdjf

Friends have been trying to get me to install Ethernet on my sl6000 Zaurus for years, and I had no reason to do so before now. But, now that I am getting a Raspberry Pi, and that the only way to perform the initial boot to set up the Raspberry Pi’s operating system without an external monitor is via Ethernet, the time has come!

First, I am taking the easy way out and using the built in Network GUI on my Tosa to configure LAN Ethernet.

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