October 2, 2016

OESF is back up again!

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Sorry I have not blogged in a very long time, although I still do use my Zaurus occasionally. I am hoping that other Zaurus users, whether past or present, will find or be notified about this post and be glad to see that after being offline for about six months, OESF is back up and running, thanks to the efforts behind the scenes of offroadgeek as well as dz and Varti.

http://Elsix.org and http://www.oesf.org/forum seem to have gone down after March 3, 2016, when at least oesf was spidered by archive.org, and by the time archive.org’s spiders visited again in April 2016, the pages were yielding an “IP address not found” or “Permission denied” message. I discovered this shortly thereafter, and had been busy looking for ways to get in touch with others who might know what happened.

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