October 2, 2016

OESF is back up again!

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Sorry I have not blogged in a very long time, although I still do use my Zaurus occasionally. I am hoping that other Zaurus users, whether past or present, will find or be notified about this post and be glad to see that after being offline for about six months, OESF is back up and running, thanks to the efforts behind the scenes of offroadgeek as well as dz and Varti.

http://Elsix.org and http://www.oesf.org/forum seem to have gone down after March 3, 2016, when at least oesf was spidered by archive.org, and by the time archive.org’s spiders visited again in April 2016, the pages were yielding an “IP address not found” or “Permission denied” message. I discovered this shortly thereafter, and had been busy looking for ways to get in touch with others who might know what happened.

Anyhow, when OESF was last archived by archive.org’s wayback machine on March 3, 2016, here is the main page at archive.org:


What offroadgeek (Michael Hubbard) said in 2010 in the Latest Site News post linked to in the above is:

“I want to make sure that everyone knows that Roy and I are still dedicated to the site and forums. We know how important it is to the community, even after all these years. ”

He goes on to explain problems with webhosting and domain name services, when he made the switch to ibiblio, at that point, after the site came back up, in 2010.

We had not heard from offroadgeek at that point, but it looks to me from reading http://answers.ibiblio.org last spring, it looked like ibiblio had some sort of change in servers around last January to March, and that a few sites hosted by them disappeared at that time, requiring administrators to work with them to get them back online.

Anyhow, the forum is finally back online now since that last couple of days of September 2016, and fully functional, but I would like to see the wiki and elsix.org restored as well. Elsix is badly in need of an update, anyone interested in helping with that, please post in the forum or PM me or Varthi there.

The link for the ELSI subforums is


The wiki, I understand from reading the last messages in the wiki subforum, may have been taken offline due to too much spamming. I would hope that we could at least restore a static version of the wiki, as there is such a wealth of information in that part of the forum. Again, anyone interested in this part of restoration, please post at oesf or PM me or Varthi there.

And, no matter what, please come by and say hello in the forum. I am not sure what to do if you have lost your password, you can PM me using the links on my blog’s contact page, or give a yell for help at freenode.net in #zaurus.



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