About My Zaurus PDA

(no other boxes on site):

Sharp Zaurus sl5500 and Sharp Zaurus sl6000
Socket CF56k modem
Toshiba, Lexar & Kingston SD cards
Lexar, Sandisk and Transcend CF cards


On Collie (sl5500) Sharp ROM 2.38, including:

Linux kernel: 2.4.6-rmk1-np2-embedix
bash 2.05
BusyBox v0.52
Qtopia 1.5.0

Opera 7.30
tkcMail v2.1-050405

On Tosa (sl6000L) Sharp ROM 1.12, with MetroWerks OpenPDA including:

Linux kernel: 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix
bash 2.05
BusyBox v0.60.4
Qtopia 1.5.4

Opera 7.25

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