September 20, 2007

Unrecognized CF and SD Cards

Posted in CF Card Issues, SD Card Issues at 11:56 am by sdjf

I found a really cool, well-written wiki page at oesf about how to get your Zaurus to recognize a new CF or SD card which is not already recognizable:


August 10, 2007

Veritech 512MB SD Card

Posted in Hardware Adventures, SD Card Issues, Zaurus Trials and Tribulations at 3:58 pm by sdjf

I had seen posts at oesf here and here indicating that some Sandisk SD cards, the other brand I was considering buying, were not reliable on sl5500’s, so decided to try a 512MB SD Veritech Card from at the incredible price of about $7.

The card has an impressive red-green-blue label on it, with yellow control numbers etched on the back of it’s classic navy blue body.

The yellow etchings at the bottom of the back of the card:

6451AG 512M 025H1
Made in Taiwan

There also is a yellow control number along the right edge of the card. Read the rest of this entry »»