Qcoptest: Amazing Qtopia Utility

Want to watch what’s happening in qtopia? Install qcoptest as an aid in writing, installing, and debugging scripts and applications.

NOTE: The links to www2.gtd.com are broken. Until I have time to fix them here in my blog, you can find working links at http://sdjf.esmartdesign.com/ipks/qcoptest.html





The qcoptest program automatically creates log files to which it makes entries every time you run it, for every channel which it monitors.

You can either view the logs from a terminal program, or watch what’s going on in all five channels from inside of qcoptest itself.


I also found mention made of a userchannel.txt file at a qcoptest site on the web, but there is no such file created by the version of qcoptest that I have.

Note that not all Zaurii are able to run qcop commands from the command line, and may need to ugrade to qcop2. See the following page for information about this:


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