Modem problem may be qtopia issue

I believe opera tests whether the last pppd-pid it knew about (on it’s last session) is /var/run/ and if it isn’t, it puts ‘starting a connection’ on to the system’s list of things to do when the system has time.

The system triggers the popup when it gets around to it, long after opera has, so to speak, put in the request.

In this case, Qtopia obeys opera’s request just the same as it believes accidentally long screen taps, and it throws up the pppd startup popup thing.

Qtopia stupidly ignores the fact that there already is a connection, the same way it will trigger 3 or 4 copies of qtmail or the texteditor running at the same time. This happens if you hit the GUI for too long an interval. It would
run more, but the system generally crashes due to low memory by then and qtmail is unable to swap completely, exiting with bus errors.

Anyhow, when you THINK you’re done and exit, the application pops right up again and if you tap OK on an open file, the work you just finished will disappear because qtopia doesn’t keep track of these things. It will save the current, accidental earlier version instead.

This is why I avoid the qtmail application startup GUI…it was wreaking havoc. I would write a reply, save it, and have it disappear! Qtopia would overwrite my outbox.txt with an earlier version not containing my new email drafts!

Anyhow, at the end of the Opera session, I believe opera fetches /var/run/ and stores it somewhere for later reference, on the egotistical assumption that the only way anyone can access the internet is through opera.


Addendum: For more information about how the interface between Opera and Qtopia results in the problems with Opera which I have discussed above, as well as information about how I resolved them, see my post about Qtopia and the Zaurus.

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