Opera and My Modem

Okay, I have a Zaurus sl5500 PDA running ROM 2.38, a Qtopia embedded system.

There is an applet at the bottom of my 2-1/2″ x 3″ screen that I have to tap on to get a pop-up menu if I want to start my modem. Some people call this a “thumbnail” or a “connection icon” on the task bar.

The pop-up has one status bar, and two menu areas. One is a list of connections for me to pick, and the other menu option given to me depends on what action would be acceptible next (i.e., abort, connect, disconnect).

It only gives me the option to select or not select the possible action shown.

When I tap on Connect, that starts pppd, using the chat script indicated by which connection I choose off the list shown.

When I open up my browser, however, it makes that pop-up get whacked out. For more details on the scenario, go to:


The good news is that I have figured out how to resolve these problems. For my explanation of the cause and limited description of the solution, see my post about Qtopia on the Zaurus.


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