About the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized Arm based computer which was designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the goal of teaching children about computers . . . not just about using GUIs, but about how to program and how computers work.

The $35 Model B has been released to the general public before the $25 low end Model A so that the Linux Community can help iron out problems and create software and hardware add-ons before the school version has gone into production.

Because it is Linux and the board is very, very cheap, the demand for it has far exceeded anything predicted, and it very likely will remain an unusual event to find one when you want to buy one at the basic price without a wait, for quite some time. Boards will certainly be immediately available with huge markups at places like EBay, but if you want to buy one at the suggested retail price, availability will vary.

The exciting thing for me about the Raspberry Pi is that it will be a very inexpensive server that will greatly expand the local computing power of my Zaurus. And the Raspberry Pi cannot be bricked the way the Zaurus can be bricked, because the Pi’s operating system is on a removable SD card. If the SD card image gets corrupted beyond repair, just replace the image on the card with another one, or pop in another SD card with a fresh image of the system.

Here are some useful links to learn more about the Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

The Latest News (blog includes both official announcements and interesting community projects):


Raspberry Pi FAQ and Specifications


RPi Technical Specifications from eLinux


Where to Buy – The Pi is available from the manufacturers as well as from various retailers for either online or off the shelf purchase. Markup, shipping costs, availability and level of customer service provided varies widely by vendor, so definitely read the current posts at the Ordering and Shipping Forum at RaspberryPi.org, before you make a purchase decision

  Ordering and Shipping Forum

  Vendors: Description of Most of Them

Official Raspberry Pi Operating System Downloads (Debian, Raspbian, Arch, Risc OS)


Have fun!


Raspberry Pi Help and Tutorials

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