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One cool thing about the Raspberry Pi is that there is a huge, continually growing, user community, and many members have chosen to share what they have learned by putting Raspberry Pi tutorials on the web.

First, before a list of community tutorials, here is a list of some official how-to and information guides for the Raspberry Pi.

Quick start guide | Raspberry Pi


RPi Hardware Basic Setup – eLinux.org


RPi Beginners – eLinux.org


RPi VerifiedPeripherals – eLinux.org


Unfortunately, official guides are not necessarily easy to follow and do not always take into account unique setups, and that is where tutorials written by independent members of the user community can be of immense value.

Please note that I have not attempted to find all the tutorials written by members of our Raspberry Pi community, if the ones I know about do not suit your needs or taste, then put the words Raspberry Pi Tutorial into a search engine and see what else you can find.

Meanwhile, here are a few I have seen that look interesting. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement – my Raspberry Pi setup is unusual, and a lot of things these authors recommend will not work on my system, but I am sharing the links in case you have not bumped into these tutorials on your own.

Most of these include instructions are focussed on Arch Linux for the Raspberry Pi, and discuss how to set up Linux for the Raspberry Pi on an SD card and then go on to tell you how to configure your system when it first boots, and finally to install a particular package that is of interest to the person who wrote the tutorial. If you are installing a distribution on your Raspberry Pi different than the one the tutorial was written for, you still may find the basic instructions for setting up your SD card and some of the other tips to be useful.


New User’s Guide: Setting up Arch with Openbox Desktop (outdated but very well written)

How-to: Enlightenment Desktop Environment under Arch

Sithberries Desktop – DreamInCode

DOOM on your Pi – Arch – SparkFun Electronics

Sound on an Arch Linux ARM Raspberry


Raspberry Pi Tutorials / Guides / How-To’s – Tutorials – Raspberry Pi Forum

Raspberry Pi Experience: Setting Up VNC Using Debian (includes command line stuff useful for all distributions)

Then, of course, if you have unanswered questions, the best place to ask them is at a Raspberry Pi forum or mailing list, and you can choose between forums sponsored by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, by members of the community, and by Raspberry Pi vendors and manufacturers. See the next three sections for links to some of the most useful or interesting.


This is a list of selected subforums at the official RaspberryPi site. There are dozens of subforums; to find others of interest to you, scroll to the bottom of any RaspberryPi.org Forum page and choose another of interest to you from the dropdown menu:

  Raspberry Pi o Ordering and shipping

  Raspberry Pi o Basic setup and usage

  Raspberry Pi o Troubleshooting

  Raspberry Pi o What peripheral?

  Raspberry Pi o What software?


I am using the forums at the official RaspberryPi.org site, but there are many more for you to choose from, if you prefer. Inclusion here does not imply endorsement, these are simply forums I found when hunting around the web that merit consideration if you want to see some more options for asking for help online.

Stack Exchange Forum  


Raspberry Pi Group – Element14  

Raspberry Pi – Stellaris Arm Community Forums  

General Raspberry Pi Questions & Comments – DesignSpark  

Raspberry Pi Operating Systems – DesignSpark 

World Of Pi  


Raspberry Pi o Raspbian (Officially recommended distribution)  

Stm Labs Forum – Raspbmc Users Forum  

Raspberry Pi – ArchLinux – (bare bones, not for beginners)  


Raspberry Pi – OpenELEC  

And, while you are visiting, if you are new to using the command line in Linux, you might want to poke around my blog here at WordPress, and my website at http://sdjf.esmartdesign.com/raspberrypi/, since I have posted a lot of information and tutorials that might be useful. Many pages do have the Zaurus PDA as a focus, but a significant amount of what I have written about is true for all Linux systems.

Have Fun!

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